BioWare Explored Procedurally Generated Planets For Mass Effect Andromeda; Ultimately Preferred Quality Over Quantity

Mass Effect Andromeda, a recently expelled new entrance in a array grown by BioWare, is a rather large game, though it seems like it could have been most bigger, according to what has been recently suggested by a member of a team.

BioWare’s Fabrice Condominas suggested in a new talk with Finder that a group indeed explored a possibilities of procedurally generated planets for Mass Effect Andromeda, before abandoning a thought as they never managed to strech a turn of peculiarity they were pulling for.

Yes, apparently we are looking during what else is function in a attention overall. In a specific box of No Man’s Sky, during a time it was released, we were already low in development. But we beheld that it was really focused on procedural worlds and we attempted that, actually, over a year. Our finish during a time was that it wasn’t for us in a clarity that it wasn’t for a form of diversion we were doing. Because all a calm we build we try and make to a high quality, though when we attempted procedurally generated calm we never reached a turn of peculiarity we wanted.

The many planets that can be seen from space perspective though not explored were among a planets that would have been procedurally generated. In a end, a group staid on peculiarity over quantity, as Mass Effect Andromeda really doesn’t miss things to do.

That thought positively crossed a minds and approbation we attempted those things, though in a finish we went with peculiarity over quantity. The diversion is already huge, so we don’t consider people will feel mislaid on things to do.

Mass Effect Andromeda is now accessible on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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